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Game One Redo: Short Preview

Well, the game is tonight.  7:15 p.m. central time.  Should be a lot of fun, actually.  This game features a former Cardinal and a new Cardinal on the mound, with Kip Wells going for the Rockies and Kyle Lohse going for St. Louis.  Instead of doing advantages and so forth as I did yesterday, I’ll just say this much:

Kip Wells is terrible.  We Cardinals fans figured that out last year when he went 7-17.  He had a few bright spots but many very bad starts and even some screw-ups in the bullpen.  Wells was as frustrating as Jason Marquis (at least to THIS Cardinals fan).  But tonight, he pitches against the Cardinals.  The same team that features a pitching coach that knows Wells’ entire pitch selection.  The same team that features a particular first baseman that has hit four home runs off Wells in his career.

Lohse has been inconsistent his whole career, but Wells has usually been pretty bad (with a few O.K. seasons thrown in occasionally).  Lohse has the possibility to pitch like a Cy Young winner, and Wells has the potential to pitch like a pitching machine.  Oh, and as for inconsistent players coming into the Cardinals organization, that hasn’t turned out TOO bad, just look at what Dave Duncan accomplished with Jeff Weaver. 

I like the Cardinals chances tonight.  I think Wells will get rocked early and Lohse will pitch well.  A lot of this game does depend on how Lohse pitches, because I have complete confidence in the Cardinals’ lineup putting up numbers.  It should be an interesting game…


WP: Kyle Lohse
LP: Kip Wells
S: Jason Isringhausen

HR: Pujols (two-run HR off Wells), Ankiel (solo HR off Rockies bullpen)
HR: Holliday (3-run HR off Lohse, but not enough to win game)

Also look out for Troy Glaus to have a big day…a two-RBI double seems to be in the picture.

Crazy predictions?  Maybe, but I’m optimistic that the Cardinals can destroy Kip Wells today.