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Civil Rights Game

Hey everyone, just thought I’d give you all a head’s up.

For the second straight year (and I do believe this is the second year of its existence) I’m going to the Civil Rights Game (Saturday, March 29th) in Memphis at AutoZone Park (home of the Triple-A Memphis Redbirds).  The game honors the integration of the sport, and some players and important figures who attended last year included Frank Robinson, the family of Jackie Robinson, Bud Selig, and many more.  Last year, the Cardinals took on the Cleveland Indians and won.  This year, it’s the New York Mets and the Chicago White Sox.  I’ll be in attendance yet again, and I’ll be taking plenty of pictures and bringing you great coverage right here on my blog the night of (or the day after, depending on internet access).  It’s a lot of fun, and anyone in Memphis area that reads my blog, I hope you get to go, it will be a great game and the chance to witness the honoring of some amazing baseball history. 

If anyone is going and wants to say hi at the game, just let me know.  I’ve included below a link to a picture (you can see a smaller version on the left side of this page) that I took at the Civil Rights Game last year.  It was luck that I took that good a picture, but I think that sums up the game pretty well.  It’s beautiful baseball, nothing more, nothing less.  Just thought I’d give everyone a heads up on this!  Thanks for reading,


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