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My Fantasy Baseball Team

Got my team drafted now on Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball ’08…here’s what I will start the season out with as my starting lineup and my SP and RP.  Dunno if I’ll win.  I had a little Cardinals bias here, but I didn’t put Cesar Izturis or anything.  I thought about drafting Spiezio at the end for the heck of it…but nope. 

C – Brian McCann (Atlanta Braves)
(McCann brings power and average to the plate that I wanted in my catcher, and he was there so I took him.  He’s just what I wanted at catcher.)

1B – Albert Pujols (STL)
(‘Nuff said!  If Albert doesn’t get hurt (crosses fingers) then he’s going to put up some of his best numbers ever.  I sincerely believe that.)

2B – Placido Polanco (Detroit Tigers)
(I love watching Polanco play, and this former Cardinal hit .341 last year.  Good numbers, plays hard, just what I needed here.)

3B – Troy Glaus (STL)
(I have a lot of faith in Glaus being a HUGE contributer this year.  He’s playing on grass now, not turf, and that will ease the pain with his foot injury.  He’s going to truly help Pujols put up big numbers and in turn make some noise himself.)

SS – David Eckstein (Toronto Blue Jays)
(I was a little biased here.  I miss Eck being on this team, even if it was best that he move on.  He’s going to hit for average and he fits that Blue Jays lineup well.  His RBI total will be low and his runs may be lower than I would hope, but his batting average I think will make up for that.  And who knows, he might just have a big year in a new environment.)

OF – Rick Ankiel (STL)
(Baseball, watch out.  Rick Ankiel has settled in, and has found a groove.  He’s going to make a name for himself AGAIN – yes, for the third time now – in baseball.)

OF – Brad Hawpe (Colorado Rockies)
(I wanted Matt Holliday, but he was gone.  Hawpe is very good too, and I wanted him if I couldn’t get Holliday in this spot.)

OF – Shane Victorino (Philadelphia Phillies)
(I was not completely sold on this pick.  I’m not a huge fan of Victorino, and he doesn’t put up monster stats…but his 37 stolen bases and 78 runs scored sold me.  If he starts struggling, Johnny Damon or Melky Cabrera are going in.)

Util – Johnny Damon (New York Yankees)
(27 stolen bases, 63 RBI, 93 R, .270 avg.  not great, but good enough for utility over Casey Blake.)

BN – Melky Cabrera (New York Yankees)
(He had a down year last year, but if he turns around in 2008, he’s making his way up to Victorino’s spot.)

BN – Adam Kennedy (STL)
(BELIEVE IT.  Kennedy is healthy now, and I think he’ll bat over .300 this year.  I think he’ll have more runs scored this year.  If he really does well, he could bump Blake out of the utility spot…or if Polanco just bombs, he could end up at second base.)

BN – Casey Blake (Cleveland Indians)
(81 runs, 78 RBI, 18 HR…he can switch with Johnny Damon at any time though.)

BN – Stephen Drew (Arizona Diamondbacks)
(I saw Stephen Drew play in college…in the super regionals…against my Arkansas Razorbacks.  He is good.  He just hasn’t gotten "it" yet in the pros.  He’ll get it though.  And when he does, watch out.)

SP – Josh Beckett (Boston Red Sox)
(Easy choice, he’s the real deal.  20-game winner, 3.27 ERA.)

SP – Fausto Carmona (Cleveland Indians)
(Another easy choice.  19 wins, 3.06 ERA last year.)

RP – Bobby Jenks (Chicago White Sox)
(40 saves? Oh yeah.)

RP – Russ Springer (STL)
(2.18 ERA last year in relief for the Cards.  He’s consistent, I like that in a relief pitcher.)

P – Kelvin Jiminez (STL)
(He has talent, and he has the job as a reliever.  He had that last year too, and his era was 7.50.  This year though, he has confidence, and oh what a difference that makes.)

P – Al Reyes (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
(26 saves last year.  Really pitched well at times.  I’m still mad the Cards let him slip away.)

P – Adam Wainwright (STL)
(I saw Waino still there, and had to take him.  He can easily move up if someone else struggles.)

BN – Dontrelle Willis (Detroit Tigers)
(Another one I was amazed to see still sitting there.  He’s in the same situation as Wainwright.)