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Hey everybody, Brady Holzhauer here.
Some of you may remember me as the guy who used to own "In the Cards" and did the "Coral and Brady on Baseball Show" with Coral Marshall (also of MLBlogs).

Today, I’m starting my blog back up, under a new name, because baseball season is getting close, and if there’s anything to get me in a baseball mood it’s all the MLBloggers talking spring training.

I currently write for the Stuttgart Daily Leader newspaper in Stuttgart, Arkansas, and I’ll be headed to college next year at the University of Arkansas.  You can check out my sports columns at http://www.stuttgartdailyleader.com.

Another good link for you guys is http://www.hogville.net.
If you are a fan of college football, even if you aren’t a Razorback fan, that’s the place to go.  Check out the MLB forum on there and you can talk baseball with more fans of lots of teams, although it is for the most part a Cardinals’ oriented place. 

Anyway, I’ll be back soon to talk more on the Cardinals’ and their 2008 campaign.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy my commentary!