Rain 1, Cardinals 0

Well, the 5-1 lead in the third for Monday’s postponed game was great, but the rain took away everything that ever happened and the Cardinals lost 2-1 last night to the Rockies.

It’s pretty much old news now, but I’ve been sick so I wasn’t about to stay up and write a post with 103 degrees of fever.  But anyway, here’s the way I’ll analyze last night’s game.



Adam Kennedy, Kyle Lohse, Brian Barton, Yadier Molina, Kyle McClellan, and Randy Flores.


Kennedy – snuck in two base hits for an otherwise quiet offensive game for the Cardinals.

Lohse – 5 innings of shut-out baseball, gave up only 3 hits (walked three, though), and could have ended up with a win.

Barton – came in and got a pinch-hit single, his first as a Cardinal.  Everyone’s been saying this and I agree, he’s going to be a fan favorite.

Molina – His home run gave us a 1-0 lead.  It was fun to see him go yard against Kip Wells who otherwise dominated his former team.

McClellan – struck out one in one inning and got a hug from Yadier Molina after his MLB debut.

Flores – came in and pitched like a man whose hair was on fire.  Unbelieably good job to get out of a bases loaded with no outs jam with only one run.



I’d do more, but I’m at school and the bell just rang.


More later!





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