MLBlogs has served me well, but new opportunity has come forth

I love MLBlogs, it’s been the home of my Cardinals blog all the way back to “In the Cards” and now for a little bit with “Cardinals Kingom,”

but a new opportunity has presented itself to me, and it’s one I couldn’t pass up.

The fastest growing and my personal favorite Cardinals message board has given me the opportunity to be their feature blogger, and I’m taking them up on it.

The site is at and I encourage all you Cardinals fans to join and sign up on the message boards and read my blog there.

Thanks to MLBlogs for the great opportunity to blog here, I very much appreciate it!

Hope to hear from all of you there…especially my friend Jeff Lung from Red State Blue State.

I’m keeping this blog up because 1. I don’t know how to get rid of it and 2. it will direct you to my new blogging home.

See you all there!  I also have possible future plans coming up…you can find out about that at the Redbirds Nation blog!




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